Welcome to Toybox Cockers

Toybox Cockers got its start in 1972 when Lindy received a lovely buff puppy from Janet and Mike Lodge and Ruth and Art Benhoff as a college graduation present. In 1984, following her marriage to Hal, Lindy bought a black and tan puppy bitch from Laura Henson and convinced Hal to adopt the dog show hobby. Since then, Toybox has bred 100 champions! Toybox Cockers has been initiated into the AKC Breeder of Merit program, and Lindy is a LIFE member of the American Spaniel Club.

Currently 12-14 champions live at Toybox, which provide us an opportunity to breed 2-3 litters a year. Although our primary mission is to breed cockers to meet the standard for show and breeding purposes, our major emphasis is on the health and temperament of our cockers. All our dogs are OFA good, are CERF examined two times a year and screened for all inheritable negative traits. Five generations of healthy, happy Toybox champions attest to our success.

Occasionally we have puppies to place in pet homes, and they, too, share the genetic advantages of health, beauty and excellent disposition. All our dogs have health guarantees. Puppies born at Toybox are eligible to be boarded here, and I offer grooming services for every dog we sell. Toybox loves visitors, so please plan a visit!

Finally, our thanks and gratitude to my mentors and doggie friends. The future of Toybox is only as strong as the foundation pedigrees upon which it is built and we thank them all for their contributions and guidance.

Lindy and Hal Bennett
Jacksonville, Fl